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Microsoft Unveil Beastly Specs For New 4K Console

While an official title for the console is still forthcoming, Microsoft have let loose the official word on the specs of their successor to the Xbox One.

From the sounds of the early reports (via Eurogamer), Scorpio is going to be first truly 4K home console.

Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter says that “Combining smart design with sheer horsepower, Project Scorpio hits the six-teraflop target set for it as E3 last year, thanks to a custom GPU that has been designed from the ground up for optimal performance on today’s game engines – and that runs at an unprecedentedly high clock speed for a console.”

Listing out the technologies powering the new console, it looks more-or-less in-line with what previous rumors had suggested. “Project Scorpio” will leverage 12GBs of GDDR5 RAM and eight custom x86 Jaguar processing cores to achieve 6 teraflops of graphics processing power.

All told, it’ll offer a healthy 31% increase in processing power that puts it well ahead of competitor Sony and well-equipped to deliver 4K gaming experiences in the home.

Microsoft even say it’ll be able to effectively “upscale” older gaming content into 4K natively, improving performance and fidelity.

This spec-focused reveal comes ahead of the more-wholesome showcase and announcement of Scorpio expected at this year’s E3.