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Microsoft Tipped To Launch First “Always Connected” 5G PC

Microsoft’s rumoured “Always Connected” Surface PC is now speculated to be one of the first 5G PCs to hit the market, powered by Qualcomm’s latest 8cx platform.

HP, Samsung, and Lenovo have already released ARM-based Always Connected PCs with older Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets, but Surface products have yet to go down that route.

Thurrott reports that the company has developed a Surface tablet prototype that is powered by a version of Qualcomm’s ARM-based Snapdragon chipset rather than Intel’s CPU.

If Microsoft launches an “Always Connected” Surface Pro PC that runs on Qualcomm’s 8cx platform, it indicates that may be one of the first 5G PCs as the chip is billed as the first commercial PC platform to use 5G tech.

Currently, all Surface devices rely on Intel processors — excluding the Surface RT which never took off due to limited app support.

DigitalTrends states that there were rumours that Microsoft considered releasing the entry-level Surface Go tablet with ARM-based processors, but it switched to Pentium Gold following pressure from Intel.

Arguably, if the 5G network hasn’t matured enough by the time this potential product is ready, it can always rely on LTE to remain “Always Connected”.

In January, Microsoft reported its Personal computing revenue climbed 7% year-on-year to US$13 billion, with revenues from its Surface division soaring 39% versus the same time last year.

There are numerous rumours online that Microsoft is considering models with thinner screen bezels, a more rounded design like the Surface Go, and a potential second display.

Microsoft is expected to launch a redesigned Surface Pro with a thinner keyboard by the end of 2019. The Surface Pro 6 is available now from $1,349.

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