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Apple Slammed Over App Store Bias, Again

Apple’s global anti-trust saga has further intensified, following reports Dutch regulators are investigating the preferential treatment of Apple’s own apps within its App Store.

The news sees Apple’s anti-trust saga intensify across the Europe, with several governments heavily scrutinising the Californian tech giant.

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets claims app providers have submitted evidence which “seem to indicate” Apple may be abusing its App Store position.

Whilst the Dutch probe will initially focus on Apple, app providers are being asked to report queries regarding Google’s Play Store too.

Regulators are calling for Apple and Google to exhibit “fair and transparent behaviour.”

Speaking to CNNApple asserts it’s “confident” the review will confirm an “equal opportunity” for all developers to succeed within its App Store.

As previously reported, Apple has faced similar heat in its home country, after several US iPhone owners commenced legal proceedings over alleged monopolistic tactics within the iPhone software market.

The plaintiffs blame the iPhone manufacturer for causing inflated prices, versus if apps were sold openly elsewhere.

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