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Microsoft Teases New Windows 10X System Update

A new Microsoft Insider podcast has revealed the company is exploring a new Windows 10 Start menu design that emphasises its Live Tiles.

The changes are designed to ‘visually differentiate the Start menu from something that’s chaotic colour to something that’s more uniform,’ according to the podcast. It suggests Microsoft could be looking at minimising the colour in the tiled interface blocks on the Start menu and instead simplify it, making it easy to scan for apps.

The software giant has been using Live Tiles on the Start menu in Windows 10 since its launch nearly 5 years ago, providing flipping and animated icons that were similar to Windows Phone.

(Photo: The Verge)

Microsoft has already removed Live Tils from its Windows 10X Start menu for dual screen, but the company insists the colourful tiled interface isn’t being removed from the main desktop OS, despite the new design direction.

‘Live Tiles are not going away, we have not announced anything of the sort…Those that enjoy their Live Tiles will continue to be able to do so,’ Brandon LeBlanc, a senior program manager on the Windows Insider team, told The Verge.

But despite the company’s claims, it looks like Live Tiles may be removed entirely in the future. Not all of Microsoft’s built-in Windows 10 apps support them, making it inconsistent with the company’s own products, and developer support hasn’t been strong either.

Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans have told The Verge that, despite the rumours, a final decision on Live Tiles in Windows 10 is yet to be made. They said the feedback from the change in Windows 10X will determine the design’s future.

The new Windows 10X Start menu looks different to the existing menu used in the desktop version of Windows 10. It includes apps you can pin in place alongside a list of recent documents.

It comes after the Windows 10 Start menu coming into focus recently after the company started to rollout colourful new Windows 10 icons.

However, the new icons create a busy design against its colourful background, which may suggest the new design update in Windows 10X may be working to resolve.

(Photo: The Verge)

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