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Microsoft Shut Mixer After Facebook Gaming Partnership

Microsoft has announced it’s closing its game streaming service, Mixer, after inking a partnership with Facebook Gaming – dubbed a strategic move for the future of xCloud.

Microsoft’s Mixer service is slated to close July 22, with existing partners and streamers moved to Facebook Gaming.

Several tech commentators suggest the deal will broaden the appeal of its xCloud game streaming, as Microsoft works with Facebook to merge cloud gaming capabilities together.

The partnership seeks to tackle the competitive threat of Google’s Stadia initiative.

As previously reported, Microsoft has a target of reaching two billion gamers with xCloud, however, its recent announcement suggests Facebook Games is the better partner to pursue this goal, than in isolation with Mixer.

It follows reports Microsoft was considering selling Mixer, or doubling down its investment into it.

Speaking to The Verge, Microsoft head of gaming, Phil Spencer, asserts the decision was less about a return on sell for its Mixer service, and more about finding a beneficial partnership for streamers.

“We think this is it, and it gives us a great place to launch more xCloud content and give gamers the ability to play from there,” said Mr Spencer.

It remains unclear how xCloud will appear in Facebook Gaming, however, it is dubbed to be a key component of the partnership deal.

Microsoft is tipped to launch its xCloud streaming service later this year as part of its Xbox Game Pass, with its integration with Facebook said to be reflected within its launch as the companies leverage capabilities.

Developers at Mixer will reportedly stay on to assist Microsoft Teams and deploy new functionalities to enhance productivity.

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