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Microsoft PR Agency Dumps Staff As WPP Struggle

Ogilvy PR or as they like to be called today OPR, has over the year handled some of Australia’s biggest consumer electronic brands, today the Company who is struggling to hang onto clients has moved to sacking senior staff.

Picture: Kieran Moor who rose to become CEO of Ogilvy & Mather she later rebranded the Company opr

Microsoft’s PR Company is owned by WPP who is also facing tough times and not because of COVID-19, this is the same Company who own Burson Cohn & Wolfe the PR agency for struggling networking Company Huawei who have struggled to get any positive PR in Australia since the Federal Government banned the Chinese Company.

Out at OPR is Kieran Moor who rose to become CEO of Ogilvy & Mather a Company I helped set up with Michael Ball the former global deputy Chairman of the Ogilvy Worldwide Group.

Moor joined the Company in 2002 from Howorth Communications.

Moor who was known to manipulate press conference and ban journalists unless they wrote positively about clients such as Toshiba or Microsoft was initially employed at Howorth Communications, a Company established Vikki and Mike Howorth.

I remember one stoush with Moor over a Microsoft press conference where Ogilvy PR screwed up, resulting in myself and several other journalists being told that there were no press kits left at the end of the press briefing because junior O&M staff had handed the press releases out to analysts attending the same briefing.

After being told we had to wait till the following day a row broke out when we objected to being told we had to wait till the next day to get a printed press release as Ogilvy did not have time to ‘fax’ a press release over as all staff were engaged in the Microsoft launch.

When it was pointed out that Microsoft had just spent an hour preaching about the efficiencies of Office and Windows, she took exception when told that it appeared that both Ogilvy + Microsoft needed to practise what they preached, she told me we were banned from future Ogilvy PR briefings.
At the time I Owned CRN and ITNews.

Also gone from the struggling operation is Fiona Forbes, managing partner of corporate and government practice.

Recently the Company promoted its joint managing director with Howorth, Graham White, to the newly created role of chief operating officer.

OPR chief growth officer, Jacquie Potter, took on the additional role of Howorth MD in his place.

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