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Microsoft HoloLens 2 Fails At Build Conference

Microsoft’s annual Build developers conference didn’t go as Microsoft planned when a major HoloLens 2 demo failed.

What Microsoft was hoping was that a simulation of the Apollo 11 mission using the HoloLens 2, Microsoft’s latest augmented reality headset would demonstrate just how far ahead Microsoft technology actually is.

Space historian Andy Chaikan and John Knoll, chief creative officer of visual effects firm Industrial Light and Magic, stepped on stage wearing HoloLens headsets, the only problem is the headset demo went pear shaped.

‘We’re going to recreate the [Apollo] mission using some 21st century technology and the power of Unreal Engine and HoloLens 2,’ Knoll said on stage.

Both men stepped back, suggesting that they were waiting for an animation to play.

However, after a minute or so passed in silence, the same galactic space background was still being shown.

‘Well, it seems that doing a live demo is actually harder than landing on the moon,’ Chaikan said in a noticeably uncomfortable tone.

‘Thank you for your time,’ he added, before they both swiftly exited the stage.

The HoloLens uses a visor to project ‘holographic’ images onto the wearer’s field of view.

It uses sensors to track the wearer’s head to ensure the hologram is in the same way.

A projection system them beams the holographic images into the wearer’s eye, fooling the brain into thinking they are real.

However, Microsoft has not revealed exactly how it does this and the latest demo raises questions of just how far advanced Microsoft actually is.

Failures likes this are not new to Microsoft. Back in 2005 during a CES keynote, Microsoft founder Bill Gates was introducing the new plug-and-play features of the windows 98 operating system, when the computer crashed while an assistant was attaching a scanner.

Then there weas the occasion when Gates tried to demonstrate how Windows was going to be the entertainment centre for the home, after several attempts to roll content and activate the music system he walked off stage. ChannelNews later found out that the batteries in the remote control he was trying to use had gone flat, OOps.

The latest Microsoft failure served as an unexpected beginning to the Build conference, which is focused around announcements relating to Microsoft’s Azure cloud service, as well as other buzzy topics like AI and internet of things technology.

Not long after the failed HoloLens demo, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took to the stage to deliver a keynote address, during which he touted Azure’s expansion.