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Major Display Innovation Tipped For Samsung S11, But No Word On Fold Failure

As Apple struggles to deliver hardware innovation for their iPhones, arch rival Samsung is looking to place cameras and sensors behind the display screen.

Described as a truly ‘full screen’ smartphone the new innovation was revealed by Korean outlet, MyDrivers.

A prior report in March estimated that the new seamless display would take several years to go to market, but MyDrivers suggests that Samsung could have the feature ready in a year, just in time for the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S11.

Currently Samsung has a futuristic ‘Infinity O’ display built into their new S10 smartphone.

The Infinity O display is named for the hole-punch design in the upper left corner, where the selfie camera, along with other sensors, are housed.

Yang Byung-duk, vice president of Samsung’s Mobile Communications R&D Group Display, hailed the Infinity O screen as a ‘milestone’ for the company, but said it’s looking at even more boundary-pushing designs.

By moving the camera under the screen, it would remove the need for any kind of cut-out on the front display and also avert the need for a pop-up camera like those used in increasingly popular Huawei smart phones.

Media outlets are still waiting for an answer as to what actually went wrong with the Companies much heralded $3K+ Galaxy Fold.

This was supposed to be the ultimate foldable smartphone until several reviewers identified major flaws with its display and hinge system.

The release of the device has since been postponed and ChannelNews suspects it will never see the light of day in its current form.

Among other designs Samsung is considering are in-display speakers, as well as haptic feedback sensors embedded in the screen.

The company also opened up a pop-up shop late last month to showcase a new wave of conceptual TV’s, including the ‘Sero’ which is capable of switching between horizontal and vertical alignments.

Samsung hopes the TV will encourage millennials to cast social media content — often made vertically — onto the device.

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