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Microsoft Gets Into Noise Cancelling Headphones, ‘What A Joke’.

Specialist sound dealers are laughing at the thought of Microsoft flogging what they claim are premium Bluetooth noise cancelling Surface headphones.

As one sound dealer said this week while attending a Sennheiser event in Sydney, “One minute they are into databases, cloud storage and augmented reality and the next selling subscriptions to Office 365 and PC’s now they want consumers to believe they are a sound Company, really, what a joke”.

Microsoft’s new Surface Headphone is set to sell for $499 the same price you pay for a premium Sennheiser headphone from a Company who specialise in sound and have done for many decades.

Now Microsoft, who turned on their long time PC partners by moving into the PC hardware market, wants to take on Jabra, Bose, Sony, Beats, and premium brands such as Sennheiser and Master & Dynamics.

As one Microsoft user said, “If Apple can produce AirPods, then Microsoft obviously think they can have a crack at taking them on with their own headphones”.

The first thing you notice is that the new headphones are not light at 290g and will be heavy on the head for females.

You can connect via Bluetooth The headset also has a USB-C port for charging also in the box is a 1.5m long USB-C to USB-A cable and a 3.5mm audio cable.

The good news is that the headphones that look and feel plastic can be connected to both a Windows and Mac or iOS as well as Android devices.

On the side of the headphones are two big dials, one on either side of the cups. On the left ear cup, you can dial up noise cancellation on the right cup volume.

You also have to press the middle of the left or right ear cup for other functionality which is similar to the Samsung range of headphones launched two years ago. These headphones failed to sell because they were branded Samsung, and no one saw Samsung as a headphone brand which is what I suspect will happen to Microsoft.

The devices don’t have Alexa or Google built in which is a feature set to be released with new Sennheiser headphones shortly, instead you get Microsoft’s Cortana.

Unlike the new Jabra top end noise cancelling headphones which are set to launch shortly you only get 15 hours battery life enough for half a trip to London. With the new Jabra headphones, you get 31 hours battery life due to significant improvements in Bluetooth.

Toms Hardware who recently did a shootout between the new Microsoft headphone offering and the Bose QC35 II said that the Bose headphones “Crush the marks that matter most for those seeking a headphone in the categories of noise cancellation and sound quality. Hence, we’re declaring them the winner”.

They added ‘Surface Headphones are well-adept at neutralising noise and producing great audio, the QC35 II cans are just more polished in both areas”.

They claimed that consumers who want top-of-the-line noise cancellation and audio performance should go all in on the Bose QC35 II.

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