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Microsoft Xbox Series S Tipped To Be Over $500

Microsoft has officially confirmed the next-gen Xbox Series S, which it dubs the “smallest Xbox ever”, as well as a price point of $299 USD and a November 10 release date. This equates to the product being over $500 unless Microsoft discounts out the Australian model.

Revealed on Twitter following yesterday’s leaks, the Xbox Series S will be an all-digital console competing against Sony’s PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. It features a custom 512GB NVME SSD, and is powered by Xbox Velocity architecture; according to Microsoft, it will boast faster load times, steadier framerates, ultra-low latency, and quick resume for multiple games.

The console will support 1440P resolutions at up to 120FPS, as well as 4K media streaming and 4K upscaling for games; additionally, it features DirectX ray tracing, variable rate shading, and a variable refresh rate.

The Series S will also play thousands of digital games across four generations, optimised for next gen-gaming, according to Microsoft.


The $299 USD price point translates to just above $400 AUD, though that is likely to work out higher due to the GST and “Australia tax”. Official Australian pricing for it and the Series X, its larger and more powerful counterpart, has yet to be released.

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