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Microsoft Bring Big Changes To Paint

With its purpose and utility as a 2D image editing tool having been largely displaced by Adobe’s Photoshop over the last two decades, Microsoft is pushing a major overhaul for Paint as part of their upcoming Creators software update for Windows 10.

Revealed at their New York showcase event today, the new version of Paint is being pushed by Microsoft as the premiere tool for users looking to dip their toes into Windows’ upcoming AR functionality.

Paint3D will allow users to import 2D images from a camera and convert object in the image to 3D as well as use the new “Doodle Sketch” tool to instantly turns any 2D drawings into 3D creations. Essentially, they’re re-positioning Paint as entry-level 3D modelling software.

Paint3D will also be integrated with Microsoft’s HoloLens, Windows’ augmented reality tech, as it becomes more available – with users able to view and share creations using it.

Integration with 3D printers is also a big feature, with Microsoft highlighting the potential here for businesses to rapidly produce and test concepts in three-dimensions.

Those eager to see it in action can sign up to be part of the preview program here.

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