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Micron Launches World’s First 1.5TB MicroSD Card

Micron has announced the world’s highest-capacity microSD card, the i400 1.5 terabyte card.

The company announced the groundbreaking storage technology at the Embedded World conference in German yesterday, and said it is designed for industrial-grade video security.

The 1.5TB density can store up to four months, or 120 days, of video security media locally, removing the need to continuously upload data to the cloud for primary storage, a process the company says “guzzles network bandwidth and operational expenses.”

Micron boasts that unlike consumer-grade cards with limited write capability, the i400 allows five years of high-quality continuous 24×7 recording; the ability to concurrently handle 4K video recording and up to eight AI events per second, such as object detection and classification like license plate or facial recognition; and an incredible two million hours for mean time to failure.

“Micron’s industrial-grade storage is key to helping us protect our customers and communities, from schools to large enterprises, by meeting the most demanding of video retention and security requirements,” said Raj Misra, vice president of hardware engineering at Verkada.

“The latest i400 solution will provide further peace of mind by enabling greater video storage at the edge and faster in-camera AI analytics — important in crises where response time is paramount.”


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