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Melbourne Claims Tech Capital Tag

It mightn’t have the ASX or the A/NZ HQs of major technology companies like Apple, Atlassian, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Oracle (to name a few) who remain Sydneysiders – but Melbourne has just declared itself the “tech capital of Australia”.

“New figures show that Melbourne’s CBD is now the co-working capital of Australia with more co-working office space than Sydney. Demand for flexible co-working office space is being driven by the start-up sector, which is helping drive job growth,” said Lord Mayor Robert Doyle yesterday as he unveiled a four-year “stat-up action plan”.

More. “Melbourne is also the top ranked ‘tech city’ in Australia and 14th in the world, according to real estate service provider Savills,” quoth His Worship.

“Knowledge-based jobs, of which start-ups are a key contributor, have grown by 25 per cent or 60,000 jobs across Melbourne in the past decade.”

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