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Media Invited To DVD Bonfire

The Australian media have been invited to witness the possibly fiery destruction of more than one million counterfeit DVDs seized by police, following last week’s sentencing of the two counterfeiters, Mosaic Defredes and Alllison Daniel (CDN, Friday).

The two had attempted to sell the fake DVDs via eBay, but were arrested after selling 65,000. Defredes was sentenced to four years and six months jail; Daniel received a two-year sentence but will be assessed for community service.

PR outfit Marketing Elements last week sent the press invitations to the destruction exercise, planned for a Blacktown, Sydney, venue, where actor Roy Billing – star of Underbelly – will “gladly” toss the DVDs into a shredding machine. It was unclear in the invite whether the shredded items would then be bonfired, as some earlier thoughts had suggested.

“Interviews with Australian Screen Association representatives, police or Roy Billing are available. We will also have photo and video opportunities of the massive number of DVDs to be destroyed,” the invitation says.

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