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Is This Facebook’s Secret Phone?

Is This Facebook
Facebook are hosting an event to be held tomorrow April 4th at Facebook HQ in California inviting media to “Come See Our New Home on Android” which many believe is a HTC-made Facebook phone designed especially for fanatics of social networking.

A purely Facebook operating system would likely appeal to the millions who spend most of the their smartphone down time on the network with over 1 bn members, uploading photos, updating status’ and stalking potential lovers.

Android Police also believe they have stumbled across the secret Facebook HTC phone, rumoured for almost a year now.

Specs of the apparent run-of-the-mill mid range phone made by HTC include: 4.3 inch 720p resolution display, 5MP rear and front 1.6MP camera says the ‘Droid Police, with a never-before-seen customised Facebook app that isn’t available on any other smartphone, with social-centric functionalities running through the entire OS of the mobile.

The Facebook phone would also help push Mark Zuckerberg’s social networks’ advertising cudos further and give HTC a much needed leg up in the phone market, particularly among Gen y-ers.  

Image credit: Android Police

“Facebook’s features, like messaging, photo uploading, and contacts integration is fully integrated throughout the operating system” according to Google9to5 site.

We’ll know more early Friday Aussie time.