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Marshall Marries Powerful Sound With Retro Designs

With a strong vintage rocker vibe, retro product aesthetics and modern audio technology, Marshall’s products are designed to offer “uniquely clear and expressive sound” to “enrapture music fans around the world”.

The brand’s rich heritage seeks to empower musicians, like the original Jim Marshall, to create a “mythical stage presence” and “revolutionise music forever”.

Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Headphones

The Monitor Bluetooth headphones are Marshall’s first wireless over-ear headphones. The product includes custom-tuned 40mm dynamic drivers, said to offer outstanding Hi-Fi sound, to perfectly balance clarity and bass with a wide frequency range.

Marshall states the product’s ergonomic design and over-ear body, delivers superior noise isolation without added bulk, therefore enabling ‘light’ listening for several hours.

The product is also designed to be very travel-friendly, featuring a collapsible design, which includes a canvas carrying bag for safe storage.

The device is positioned as a premium headphone, with merges strong Hi-Fi prowess and Bluetooth technology to offer 3+ hours of “studio quality wireless playtime” on a single charge.

Marshall ‘The Kilburn’

With an unmistakable retro rock design, Marshall’s Kilburn is the company’s first portable active stereo speaker.

The device is available in both black and cream, weighing 3kg. It offers built-in battery life of up to 20 hours – portability free from wires and chords.

The Kilburn is heralded as an “unrestrained speaker” and “one of the loudest speakers in its class”. Despite being compact sized, the device is said to offer “well balanced audio” to boast a “clear midrange and extended highs, for a sound that is both articulate and pronounced”. The portable speaker includes an analogue knob to fine-tune controls to a user’s personal taste.

Portability is enhanced with a guitar-influenced leather strap for “stylish travel”.

Marshall Headphones ‘Major II Bluetooth’

Marshall’s Classic Major II headphones have cut the cord, providing users with 30+ hours of playing time on a single charge, which it states is above the industry standard.

The device offers consumers the freedom and convenience of a wireless headphone, coupled with over 50 years of Marshall’s sound performance, integrated with the latest in Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth aptX).

Marshall states aptX minimises audio/video syncing issues, enabling users to enjoy movies without experiencing the frustrating ‘lip sync’.

The headphones include a detachable double-ended coil cord with mic and remote, which Marshall states are compatible with any music player that receives a 3.5mm jack.

Phone functionality is also embedded, allowing users to answer or reject calls with a few clicks.

An analogue control knob offers easy access to phone and remote features – such as playing, pausing, shuffling or adjusting the volume.

Marshall Stockwell

The Stockwell is Marshall’s smallest travel speaker, weighing just 1.20kg. The device is a stand-alone speaker, though is compatible with a multi-functional flip cover which is sold separately.

Despite its compact and ultra-portable size, Marshall states the product packs a “sonic punch”, featuring two  2.25” woofers, two 2.25” dome tweeters and a two-channel Class D amplifier – therefore heralded as the “loudest speaker in its class”.

The product is embedded with Bluetooth 4.0 technology and a 3.5mm, to connect a multitude of listening devices. It includes a USB port which also works as a charging station.

The Stockwell includes built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, enabling it to offer 25 hours of playing time.

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