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Man Steals $30,000 Worth Of iPhones To Buy Car For His Girlfriend

A courier in Turkey has gone above and beyond for his girlfriend, and instead of delivering 33 iPhones to a tech store, worth $30,000, he stole them, and used the money to purchase a car for her.

Azim G, who worked in Adana, Turkey, was employed by a courier company, and his latest assignment was to deliver a package with 33 iPhones to a tech store in a shopping mall.

Turkey is known for selling the world’s most expensive iPhones, due to taxes. Stolen phones are also more valuable. The thief sold most of the phones quickly, to purchase a car for his girlfriend with the money earned.

After the store noticed the missing delivery, they examined the security cameras, and realised he never delivered the package he brought.

Police took action, raiding his home. During the investigation, he admitted to stealing five iPhones found in his home.

His girlfriend claimed she knew nothing about the car being a stolen gift, or it being purchased with stolen money.

A final decision on the matter is set to be made by the judiciary, and although the car and unsold iPhones have been seized, it remains unclear who will cover the damages.

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