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Man Marries Rice Cooker, Divorces Four Days Later

In what no doubt started as a steamy relationship, an Indonesian man married his rice cooker. Then, with a “heavy heart”, divorced the appliance just four days later.

Khoirul Anam from Java announced the union on MetaFace, as you do, proudly posting photos of the ceremony in which both he and his electric bride were wearing traditional white attire.

They signed the formal documents – well, Anam signed them, the cooker probably just smiled – then Anam sealed the union with a kiss.

In a blow to feminism, even for appliances, Anam listed the qualities of his “wife” as, “Fair, quiet, obedient, doesn’t talk much, knows how to cook,” stating, “Without you my rice is not cooked.”

Later saying the divorce was because the appliance – whose name hasn’t been reported, possibly for privacy reasons – could only do one thing, cook rice.

Anam has said there is “no perfect partner” for him, maybe until he gets a microwave in the Black Friday sales…

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