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MacBook Pro Now Recommended By Consumer Reports After Battery Issue Fix

Influential US publication Consumer Reports has issued a recommendation for Apple’s latest MacBook Pro after an update was issued to fix a battery problem.

Apple worked with the publication to identify a bug in Safari that saw highly inconsistent battery life results ranging from 3.75 hours up to 19.5 hours. Consumer Reports had given the MacBook Pros low scores as a result, despite rating the display quality and performance highly.

Following the update, the range of MacBook Pros test exhibited more consistent results according to Consumer Reports. On average, the 13-inch model with the new Touch Bar lasted 15.75 hours, the 13-inch without a Touch Bar lasted 18.75 hours and a 15-inch model with a Touch bar lasted 17.25 hours.

“The process we followed with Apple is the same process we follow with any manufacturer when we discover a significant problem,” Consumer Reports said.

“We shared our test results with the company so it could better understand our findings and deliver a fix to consumers. Since Apple made a fix, we retested the laptops.”

The update is available now through Apple’s Beta Software program, and is expected to be rolled out as part of a regular software update in the coming weeks.

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