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Consumer Reports To Retest Apple’s New Macbook After Bug Discovery

Back in December, the highly influential US publication Consumer Reports slammed Apple’s new MacBook Pro after it delivered only 3.75 hours of battery life during their testing of the device.

Fast-forward to today and the company has announced that, after working with Consumer Reports, they were able to identify a bug in Safari that they say caused the Macbook tested by the publication to perform so poorly.

Apple say that the low battery results were the result of to a software bug in Safari’s developer mode which turns off the browser cache.

According to Consumer Reports, the reason for this aspect of their methodology is that “in our tests, we want the computer to load each web page as if it were new content from the internet, rather than resurrecting the data from its local drive. This allows us to collect consistent results across the testing of many laptops, and it also puts batteries through a tougher workout.”

Though the company insist that the bug isn’t one that most consumers would ever encounter, Apple have rolled out a software update for Safari nevertheless.

Consumer Reports says that it will be re-running its battery life test with the software update in place and update its recommendation for the Macbook upon completion.

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