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CES 2013: TCL’s Google TV To Hit Oz


Chinese giant unveils “TCL MoVo with Google TV” at CES today. It is one of the first makers to offer a Smart TV with Google TV inbuilt and it will definitely be among the first sold in OZ.

TCL MoVo with Google TV has hooked up with Marvell Technology Group, and uses its ARMADA 1500 system-on-chip platform, for “PC-like” experience that supports Web browsing with Flash support.

MoVo boasts Google TV’s Voice Search and PrimeTime app that will searches for over 100,000 movies and television episodes across Internet video services including Google Play.

A local TCL spokesperson confirmed to SmartHouse it will indeed be arriving in the Aussie market “in the back half of 2013.”

Sony is currently the only other brand offering a Google TV box in the Aussie market for $299.

TCL’s Google TV has face recognition that automatically recognises family and tailors the program options for them, handy if Dad likes sport and Mum is more into lifestyle. It also means less flicking around for programs to watch.

TCL’s Personal Box Office (PBO) technology streams personally-tailored, ad free-free content from the MoVo set.

“We continue to team with Google TV ecosystem partners such as Marvell to bring more ways to offer entertainment and Google services on your TV. With Marvell, we’re able to offer a growing array of products at attractive price points,” said Suveer Kothari, Director of Business Development for Google TV.

  Several Chinese brands including TCL, Hisense and Chunghong are set to release the service in the second half of 2013. Google says Phillips, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba and Western Digital will also launch the service later in the year.

Also at CES 2013 is TCL’s iCE Screen: a multi-touch, 13 lbs, 24 inch TV that offers users a tablet-like experience, instant access to social media and Google Play, and entertainment apps from the cloud.

TCL’s mammoth 110 inch China Star 3D Ultra HD TV, also unveiled at CES this week, will be featured in Marvel Entertainment’s “Iron Man 3” as part of a new global partnership.

Marvel’s Co-Founder, Weili Dai, says the TCL Google TV, “delivers game-changing entertainment experiences … that will drive the Smart TV market forward at a rapid pace.”