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Tomorrows Customer Identified CE A Big Winner

The research was conducted by research company Axiom Consulting and marketing communications consultancy Cubic Innovations. It looks into how customers are changing, what the products and services they will want, how best to communicate with them and also includes suggestions of how marketers can leverage the changes.

In an interview with ADNews Mark Fletcher, director of Axiom Consulting, said there was so much information available to marketers these days, but that a lot of is confusing rather than informing. “We know that marketers like short grabs of information, so we’ve created 13 key outcomes that simplifies the process of getting to know the consumer of tomorrow,” Fletcher said.

The research also found that consumers will attempt to spend more time on themselves and that many will push back against the myriad influences on their increasingly busy and complex lives. Voyeurgasm is also manifesting itself in society, with the plethora of reality TV shows, and shows no signs of slowing down.

“It’s estimated that 50% of Americans are now afflicted with ‘celebrity-worship syndrome’, which was first identified by the respected journal New Scientist,” Fletcher said.

“We also know that as consumers seek more time for themselves, customers are less prepared to wait and more prepared to pay to reduce waiting time for products and services.”

The research also found that many younger people use little if any email, preferring text, IM or social networking communication.

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