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Vodafone Kills Free Facebook, Twitter Party

“From 13 February 2013, infinite surfing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, YouTube and MySpace will be ditched and “won’t be part of any recharge or prepaid Mobile Internet Data Add-on,” Voda announced on its website this week.

If you currently have Infinite social networking on Voda recharge, obviously you still have access to social networks, but will be charged for the pleasure.

Charges will be taken from your recharge data allowance. So if you only have a 500MB allowance and are an avid tweeter, you may be in trouble. Additional Internet data usage beyond your allowance is $2 per MB, so it is far from cheap.

The telco has also shaken up how it charges for Internet data on prepay and now charges in 1MB increments.

“From 13th February, we will charge data usage in 1MB increments with a minimum session of 1MB on all recharge plans. The dollar amount we charge per MB of data is remaining the same.”

After that, you can purchase an ‘add-on’ from your ‘Flexible Credit.’ Vodafone Mobile Internet Add-ons cost $5 (150MB) and $8 (350MB).

However, the add-ons last 30 days only.

A Vodafone spokesperson said the changes “are largely reflective of the way our customers are using data today” and a part of its effort to reduce costs as users guzzle Internet data like never before.

The charges to mobileĀ  data pricing “allow us to invest in a network that will enable the increased access to voice and data our customers are asking for while remaining competitive.”

Infinite social networking deals were a major pull for Generation Facebook, but this change may not win them any kudos among Gen Yers.

We’ve also heard Vodafone are planning an overhaul their postpaid plans plans in the near future, anyway, but BYO plans are apparently safe, for now.