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5th Gen iPad? TV? Apple: “We Have A Lot To Cover”

5th Gen iPad? TV? Apple: "We Have A Lot To Cover" The invitation, which says “We still have a lot to cover,” announced an event for October 22, one month after Apple unveiled two new iPhone models, selling 9 million of the new smartphones in the first weekend on sale.

Apple last updated its iPad line almost a year ago, when the iPad mini made its debut with a screen slightly less than 8 inches in contrast to the full-sized iPad which measures almost 10 inches diagonally.

Many expect Apple to upgrade the iPad Mini’s screen to Apple’s Retina display, a high-definition screen comparable to new versions of the Nexus and Kindle, which have higher-resolution screens than Apple’s.
iPad mini mock up by Martin Hajek

The larger iPads may feature fingerprint recognition, introduced last month on the iPhone 5s.

As well as 5th gen iPad, Apple Insider is tipping new Smart Covers for iPad (which would make sense given ‘we’ve got a lot to cover mantra), a new Mac Pro desktop and OS X 10.9 Mavericks upgrades, as well as an Apple set-top box – although this rumour has been around forever and has yet to pass.
Mavericks upgrade could go on sale that same day, while the Mac Pro is tipped to be on sale from Nov. 15.
The news comes as it emerged yesterday Burberry CEO, Angela Ahrendts, has joined the Apple posse, heading up its global Retail operation. 
Maybe the new Smart Cover will be a Burberry check affair.