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Smart Panasonic 7kg Washer, $799

Smart Panasonic 7kg Washer, $799Panasonic has launched a new 7kg front loader washing machine, with a wider door and super smart functions like Foam Sensor that detects when there’s too much detergent, and there’s even a sportswear wash cycle. 

The larger 33cm-wide door is better for larger items with 12 wash programs; Easy Care, Bedding, Eco/Speed; Sportswear and Shirts. 
It has oodles of new features to make washing clothes smarter – a Foam Sensor detects excess detergent and adds extra water; Auto Load Sensor detects load weight and reduces water, power as necessary; new 50 litre drum for better washing and garment care. 

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The 7kg machine features a HydroActive system that injects two water jets during the wash cycle for better water penetration and cleaner clothes. It is also used during rinsing, and speeds up the washing process.

It has a LED display, child lock, and a compact footprint to fit in laundries of all sizes, says Panasonic.
The new model also has a 24-hour wash time delay, 3.5 energy star rating and a two year warranty.
The NA-127VB3WAU 7kg washing machine is pretty reasonable at RRP $799 and is available now. 
For more information, contact Panasonic on 132 600 or visit www.panasonic.com.au.