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T-Box, Presto Lifts Foxtel

T-Box, Presto Lifts FoxtelYesterday, Foxtel reported subscriber numbers jumped 5% to 2.6 million for its latest quarter to March 31. 

Bruce Meagher, Group Director, Corporate Affairs says T-Box and subscribers to Play, Foxtel’s internet TV service are boosting numbers, which had previously been static. Foxtel’s new video-on-demand service Presto, is also helping, he said. 
“I think digital growth is attributable to two things, strong marketing of TBox by Telstra and the building awareness and availability of Play and Presto, especially as they become available on more devices,” he told CN.
Presto, video-on-demand service went live in March, offering all-you-can-eat movies for $20 per month in response to the recent spike in streaming content via the web.  
Foxtel’s cable churn also improved almost 2% to 13.1%, which Meagher says is due to “overall satisfaction with the quality of the product.”
He also points to “improved churn management and retention, especially in regional areas, where management techniques have been introduced.”