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Low Probability Of 8K Blu-ray As TV Sales Soar

Despite UHD 8K TV sales reportedly outperforming industry predictions, the 8K Blu-ray is still a “low probability” says executive.

As reported by Inside CI, the premium end of the consumer display market remains “very, very stable,” according to Samsung Senior European Strategy Manager Craig Cunningham who claims the 8K market “is healthier than expected”.

Samsung declared that during the first two quarters of 2019, QLED sell-in sales at the premium end of the market outperformed rival OLED.

Despite this, however, Chris Chinnock, executive director of the 8K Association, ruled out 8K content on physical media, telling Inside CI that the Blu-ray Disc Association is not looking at 8K.

“Discussions could start again, but I see this as a low probability.”

Chinnock, however, does indicate the lack of studio backing may be a reason for the reduced interest in physical media formats for 8K content, calling studios ‘bottom line oriented’.

“Studios are almost the last ones to get on board. They will want to see everything else in the ecosystem ready, with a certain level of an installed base.”

Considering TechRadars interview with Samsung engineers in September, it’s more than likely Hollywood studios have chosen online streaming as the best way to distribute content.

However, according to Display Daily, Blu-ray discs can hold up to two hours of 8K content, though this is only licensed in Japanese markets, meaning we could see the end of physical media for video if the format does keep up with online streaming.

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