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Lost Your Keys, Try The New Tile Mate It’s Impressive & Great Xmas Gift

Several years ago, an unknown Company came to me with a new product called Tile, it was a Bluetooth tracker that allowed one to find lost devices such as wallet or keys.

The product was excellent and even with the early version I got at least two years life out of the tracker.

Now the US Company has delivered a new version called the Tile Mate and Tile Pro that allow owners to replace the batteries. In the past one had to replace the entire Tile which was costly, Both the Tile Mate and Tile Pro have a much improved range over previous models.

Tile Mate now has a Bluetooth range of 46 metres, while Tile Pro has a Bluetooth range of 94 metres both devices make for excellent holiday gifts.

The new range of battery-powered Bluetooth-enabled tags are extremly easy to configure all you have to do after downloading the Tile App from either the Google Play store or the Apple iOS store is attach the tile discs to whatever you want to track, press the button in the centre of the tile and presto the tile should appear in your Bluetooth settings.

The new Tile Mate and Tile Pro feature a longer range, louder volumes when pinging them from a smartphone as well as a built in location tracker. This came in handy for me recently in the USA when my wife left her phone in a retail store. We were able to find it via the built in map.

The batteries that are included with the Mate and Pro are expected to last for one year before needing replacement.

One option is the new Tile Premium, a subscription service that offers free battery replacements, smart alerts, and 30-day location history.

Tile Premium is priced at $29.99 annually or $2.99 per month.

Location history for each Tile device is available, and Tile provides an extended warranty for three years with the premium service.

Free battery replacements are also an included feature, with subscribers eligible to receive automatic free annual battery replacements for each Tile.

The smallest Tile Mate sells for $39.95 and the larger Tile Pro for $59.95, the company also offers a 30-day refund policy.

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