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Logitech Unveil World’s First VR Pen

Logitech has broken new ground in the virtual reality (VR) enterprise space, with the reveal of the world’s first VR stylus – the “VR Ink Pilot Edition.”

Unlike current virtual reality controllers, the VR Ink is a first-generation VR stylus that can create designs in both 2D and 3D either on a physical surface or in the air.

The stylus is compatible with HTC’s Vive, Vive Pro, Varjo, and Steam’s Valve Index VR headsets – no word on whether it will support Oculus.

As the stylus is still in its pre-release stage, there is no word on pricing or availability.

However, Logitech is expected to announce pre-order opportunities in the coming months.

Offering the familiar feel and look of a pen, the VR Ink promises no learning curve required.

The VR Ink features a pressure-sensitive tip for drawing on surfaces virtual and physical.

The stylus also has additional buttons and grip controls plus a 2D touchpad for manipulating objects in the virtual reality space.

After drawing a design in 2D it can be “pulled out” into a 3D object, a feature which could help slash production time.

The motivation for the unveiling of the VR Ink ahead of an official launch is for Logitech to connect with the “right partners” to explore the potential avenues for the VR Ink.

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