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Myer To Sell Chinese TV Hisense

Mid-range Chinese brand Hisense expands retail footprint entering Myer, Radio Rentals and RT Edwards stores, for the first time. 

Myer will sell Hisense Sero 7 Pro Android Tablet (sells for around $199), Smart TV’s and recently launched Ultra High Definition TV sets “for now”, CN has been told. 
Hisense also sells appliances including wine cabinets, which may appeal to Myer clientele. 
The move to stocking mid range brand Hisense comes despite Myer cutting back on electronics of late, and just days after David Jones announced plans to ramp up its electronics dept, following a deal with Dick Smith. 
This marks a shift for Myer, who sells prestigious brands like Panasonic, LG and Logitech. 

The hugely affordable brand, who sells LCD TV’s from under $400 to its just-released budget 4K UHD TV for $5000, is already in major retailers including JB Hi Fi, The Good Guys and Betta. 
Hisense products will be hitting Myer showroom in the coming weeks. Radio Rentals & RT Edwards rolled out its Hisense offering earlier this month.     

Hisense, whose headquarters is in Qingdao, China, says it has “strived” to make its products more widely available nationally in Australia.

“The latest retail channels to distribute Hisense products understand the state-of-the-art technology products we offer at affordable prices to its customers,” said Andre Iannuzzi head of marketing, Hisense Australia. 

“We’re excited to provide more avenues for consumers to access our world-class, dependable and high-quality range of products, it raises consumer awareness of our brand, a step we’re not only thrilled but prepared to take.”