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Foxtel Plays PS4, Finally

Foxtel Plays PS4, FinallyFoxtel Play, the Pay TV giant’s internet service, has landed on PlayStation 4, as it looks to boost lagging subscriber numbers.  

PlayStation owners can download the Play app using a registered PlayStation Network (PSN) account. 
The move to PS4 is another sign that viewers are no longer watching TV via traditional formats, as OZ Tam research shows more Aussies than ever are streaming content via handheld devices like smartphones, tablets.  
Last month’s Play launched on PlayStation 3, and already been popular among new subscribers, claims Foxtel Chief Operating Officer, Rohan Lund. 
“Foxtel Play on PS3 has already seen an enthusiastic response in the thirty days since launch and today PlayStation 4 joins its predecessor to bring Foxtel’s very best programming to an audience, hungry for great entertainment, at a great price.”  
Gamers can watch most of the usual Foxtel content including the new Game of Thrones, sports, documentaries and movie channels including the new arrival, Foxtel Movies Disney. 
Play, which starts at $25 a month is already on Xbox 360, PC, Macs and LG, Samsung Smart TV’s. Subscriptions can be by the month. 
A Foxtel spokesperson confirmed there are no plans to Play on XBox One, yet.