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Lloyds Auctions,Cheap Konka TV’s Customer Try To Bail On Bids

Buying any consumer electronics or appliance from an Auction House could be a problem, if the experience of Lloyd Auction customers who purchased a Chinese Konka TV from the Gold Coast based auction house are anything to go by, especially when it comes to the obligations of a manufacturer whose product Lloyds Auctions are selling.

The big question now is why the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, or the Queensland Office of Fair Trading is not doing anything about the sale of questionable TV’s by the auction house who touted the sale of the Konka TV’s to TV stations A Current Affair and the likes of Sunrise all media organisations who failed to investigate the sale of the TV’s prior to putting a story to air about the auctioning off of 3,000 questionable TV’s.

4Square Media who exposed the questionable sale of the Chinese TV revealed that the TV’s only came with a 14-day parts and shipping warranty and when the TV’s failed after the 14 days, customers found out that the Chinese brand Konka had no sales or repair operations in Australia and were in no position to honour any manufacturing.

Lloyds claim their 14-day Warranty covers unforeseen cosmetic damage and operational/functional faults only and that they will simply switch the faulty product over for a new product from their stock of 3,000 TV’s.

The Auction house has not said how many of the Konka TV’s they have actually sold or how many they have replaced.

Don George is one customer who did buy one of the TV’s that were spruiked with questionable recommended retail prices a process used by auction houses to jack up bids when in reality the recommended retail prices.

When ChannelNews approached the ACCC about the recommended retail prices spruiked by Lloyds Auctions an ACCC spokesperson said “If a business makes ‘savings’ or ‘discount’ statements compared to a reference price (whether the business calls it a recommended retail price (RRP), a usual price, or a market value), but the goods have never been sold at that reference price, or that reference price does not reflect a current market price, this may be misleading conduct in breach of the Australian Consumer Law”.

Don George in an email said “I read your article on Konka TV’s s a little too late. I bought one through Lloyds. Mine showed up but within a week was no longer giving a picture and I have found it impossible to find Konka in Australia to get any recourse. Do you know of anywhere to contact?”
The answer is no because Konka TV’s are not sold by mainstream retailers in Australia.

Tom Batten from Glen Iris in Victoria wrote to SmartHouse on the 18th of December he claimed to have had problems with the delivery of four of the Konka TV’s being spruiked by the auction house. He has tried to cancel his order but to no avail.

He wrote Worse of all, I bid on the auction knowing in my brain what you have suggested in the (ChannelNews) article but was sucked in by the $33 delivery anywhere in Australia.

Without checking with Lloyds, I assumed I could nominate different delivery addresses for the four TV’s, After receiving their invoice I rang them. Spoke with Ric who said one account, one delivery address, delivery cost 4 x $33 to account address.

He made several calls to try and find out where the TV’s were but claimed he was “given a professional run around”. He said that the Company failed to call him back.

Another unhappy customer John Denholm wrote “I wish I had read your article on the Lloyds Konka TV auction before bidding. Regrettably, I purchased 2 TVs at this auction, and although Lloyds promised to deliver with 7 days all I am getting from them is “our freight partners will be in contact within you”.

Ten days after the sale I have requested the transaction be cancelled and my credit card be refunded”

He claims, “Lloyd have ignored the request, and just repeated “our freight partners etc etc”.


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