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Listen In The Lap Of Luxury – New SoundMag Out Now

The latest issue of SoundMag is out now, featuring the Bowers & Wilkins Signature speakers, Sony’s new laser projectors, an in-depth look at HDMI 2.1 for consumers, and more.

The cover features the gorgeous Bowers & Wilkins Signature 702 and 705 luxury speakers, the latest additions to the high-end Signature line. David Richards and Steve May’s review of these unique speakers is a must-read on page 9.

From John Archer comes a look at Sony’s laser TV projectors, which can give any home cinema crisp and clean 4K viewing – including one that will set you back more than $130,000. Find out if it’s worth the price tag on page 18.

HDMI 2.1 has arrived, and consumers should be on the lookout for the right devices and cables to make it work for them. Fortunately, Steve May breaks down the jargon and gives cinephiles a hand working out what’s best in HDMI 2.1 on page 24.

All this plus new Denon luxury headphones, Sonarworks’ SoundID personalised sound software, Meridian’s new streamer, M&K’s powerful home theatre speakers, and much more can be found in the second edition of SoundMag for 2020 – available to read for free here.

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