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Lightning Offers NBN Alternative

Lightning Broadband is deploying a wireless network that it claims delivers fibre-like download speeds to suburban users as it goes head-to-head against the services of the NBN.

Initially rolling out across Melbourne’s inner suburbs and with plans to extend to other state capitals, Lightning Broadband is connecting homes and businesses via 5.8GHz microwave links capable of delivering up to 100Mbps download speeds. The links are also claimed to support 100Mbps upload speeds, outpacing uploads on NBN fibre connections.

The service offers unlimited downloads, with residential customers choosing from one of four speed tiers starting at 25 Mbps up and down for $75 a month, topping out at 100 Mbps up and down for $120 per month.

Lightning Broadband also offers voice over IP, but – unlike the NBN – not standard home phone services. That could put it Lightning a disadvantage when the current landline phone service is eventually disconnected

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