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Telstra Adds 200 Mobile Sites

Telstra Adds 200 Mobile Sites

Telstra says it has delivered up to 200 mobile sites and 50 percent more 4G capacity in North Queensland and South Australia.

According to Telstra’s networks director Mike Wright, the boost will provide better mobile experiences, particularly when streaming video and music.

“This is possible because of our significant investment which helped us secure additional 1800MHz spectrum in regional areas across Australia,” Wright said. “As we obtain full access to the spectrum we purchased at auction, this will include delivering 4G speed boosts to customers in other areas including Canberra, Darwin, Dubbo, Albury, Tasmania, and many more.”

Wright said Telstra had invested $191 million to secure 57 blocks of spectrum in the 1800MHz band, more than any other bidder, during the Australian Communications and Media Authority auction in February.

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