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Lift-Off For Sky Muster II: Second NBN Satellite Launched

NBN Co’s second satellite Sky Muster II has today launched, with it to complement Sky Muster I in delivering regional broadband services.

Having launched from the French Guiana Space Centre in South America, Sky Muster II is set to undergo final technical testing in the coming months.


The launch had yesterday been delayed due to weather conditions.

“Today’s successful launch of Sky Muster II marks the next step in delivering our world-leading satellite broadband service,” NBN Co chief executive officer Bill Morrow commented.

“This service is already helping to improve healthcare outcomes by connecting remote patients to city specialists, delivering access to a new world of educational opportunities for kids in the bush and increasing productivity for local small businesses.”

Sky Muster I had launched last October, with NBN Co earlier in the year launching its Sky Muster wholesale broadband satellite service.

NBN Co states that the Sky Muster service will be available to more than 400,000 premises, with it designed to deliver wholesale broadband speeds of up to 25 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload to retail service providers.

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