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LG V20 Not Coming To Australia?

LG’s freshly-announced V20 smartphone doesn’t look like it’ll be landing in the hands of Australian customers anytime soon.

Envisioned as both a follow-up and evolution on the design of the LG V10, LG have said the V20 will “be tuned to take advantage of many of the best features of Nougat, including Vulkan-supported graphics for more immersive gaming while also delivering better battery performance with Doze.”

According to LG president Juno Cho, “The LG V20 upgrades and extends its predecessor’s cutting-edge multimedia features a step further, providing distinctive mobile experience and sets a new standard for premium phones for consumers.”

However, it looks like that experience won’t be coming to Australians directly.

LG have said the device will ship sometime this quarter for customers in Korea, US, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

ChannelNews reached out to the LG for clarification and were told that when it comes to the countries getting the V20, “unfortunately Australia isn’t one of these.”

The V10 did release in Australia and was well-received with Gizmodo’s Darren Orf saying “What I love about the V10 is that it’s something different than the endless parade of slab phones we tend to see month after month after month. It may not be quite the weird you’re looking for, but hopefully the V10 remains a hardware playground where LG tests its fever-dream ideas.”

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