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New Robots From LG Will Simplify Smart Homes And Airports

As part of the artificial intelligence push at this year’s CES, LG announced a new collection of robots including a home robot with smart appliance connectivity.

The Hub Robot, like LG’s new smart fridge, is powered by Amazon Alexa voice recognition technology, allowing the robot to connect with smart appliances and control them using voice commands.

Beyond simply controlling other appliances and devices, the Hub Robot is designed to be a central component of the home. The interactive display can be used to show reminders, weather and traffic information, while other information can be pulled from connected appliances, such as images of what is currently inside the fridge.

Sensors and cameras allow the Hub Robot to recognise and interact with each family member differently, and to respond to body language such as as head nod. It is also able to keep track of activities inside the home, like if a family member has left the house or gone to bed.

LG designed the Hub Robot to be placed where family members gather the most, while a series of mini robots with similar functionality can be placed in other rooms.

“To build upon LG’s early consumer success with the HOM-BOT robot vacuum cleaner, the company has expanded upon its innovations in smart technology and robotics to unveil the most dramatic lineup of robots yet,” said David VanderWaal, vice president of marketing for LG Electronics USA.

“Each robot prioritizes consumer experience and convenience at forefront, both inside and outside the home.”

Two of the robots designed for outside the home will seek to improve the experience of travelers at airports. The Airport Guide Robot can provide much of the information travelers seek including boarding time and gate location by simply scanning a flight ticket.

It can provide directions to destinations inside the airport with distances and estimated walking time, and can escort travelers to their desired destination if necessary. The Airport Guide Robot is set to be deployed by Seoul’s Incheon International Airport later in the year.

The Airport Cleaning Robot will also help improve the airport experience for travelers. With a large-capacity dust canister and multiple brushes and motors, the robot can clean multiple surfaces including tiles and carpets. Smart sensors, cameras and bumpers allow the robot to clean safely and effectively even in crowded areas, and simultaneous localisation and mapping technology allows the robot to always be aware of its location.

A robot designed for outside use is also among LG’s new robot range. The Lawn Mowing Robot features many of the same sensors and bumpers of the airport robot, and is able to recognise its own location along with all potential obstacles like trees. The robot takes advantage of technology developed for LG’s HOM-BOT vacuum cleaner, and features a fast-moving blade that LG says will leave lawns “looking impeccable.”

LG has not announced pricing or release dates for its consumer robot products, but more details can be expected in the future.


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