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LG’s New CordZero Handstick Cleans Up, Then Cleans Itself

Making cleaning up your space easier, the LG CordZero All-In-One Tower is revolutionary in that it can empty, store and charge all in the one spot, with the debut of the Auto Empty Dust Bin.


With a free-standing storage and emptying tower, the Auto Empty Dust Bin does the hard work that often stops us from getting around to doing the vacuuming. Instead, every time you place this unit back in the dock, it empties itself.


Like previous models in the CordZero range, it has long battery life and various accessories, as well as a sleek design.

“Our latest handstick vacuum model is truly a game-changer for household cleaning,” says Shannon Tweedie, Marketing Manager for Home Appliances at LG Electronics Australia.


“It addresses everything Aussies dislike about vacuuming – whether it be lackluster battery life, emptying the dustbin, discreet storage or finding the many accessories we need for different surfaces.”


The way it auto-empties the dustbin is controlled by a three-step filtration system, which hygienically locks away dirt and dust. It’s then transferred into the storage bag, then air passes through two filters to remove fine dust particles.


There’s also the return of the LG Power Drive Mop nozzle so you can vacuum and mop at the same time.


Plus, there’s app connectivity via the LG ThinQ ecosystem, so users can track cleaning history, check the filter status and be alerted when the batteries are fully charged.

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