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LG Unveils Self-Driving Concept Car ‘Omnipod’

LG has unveiled its “future mobility concept car”, the LG Omnipod, at the Next Mobility: NEMO 2022 conference in Seoul.

The Omnipod was first revealed in a video shown at last month’s CES, but this marks the official public debut of the concept vehicle.

The Omnipod is designed for pure practically, with a modular interior able to be adapted for the passengers’ needs. It can work as an office, a exercise space, even exploring the metaverse.

“LG Electronics’ vision on how mobility design will fundamentally change in the future where full autonomous driving will happen is our LG Omnipod on display today,” said Park Il-pyung, CEO of LG Science Park, in his keynote speech.

“It is no exaggeration to say that the key is to go beyond the concept of cars serving as a way of transportation and focus on various experiences that can be enjoyed during travel.”

Park referred to the Omnipod as a “mobile home space” with immersive display surrounding the entire interior, with a tunnel screen that goes from the floor to ceiling.

Highlighting that the LG Omnipod is a mobile home space, Park pointed out that the core of its design lies in the immersive display that surrounds the entire inside space and the tunnel screen that runs from the ceiling to floor.

“In the future, we will look to enhance the experience of moving through minimising unnecessary movements by transporting things and services, turning vehicles into spaces where more productive activities can be carried out with autonomous driving technology,” said Ryu Geung-seon, CEO of Kakao Mobility, who hosted the conference.

“Kakao Mobility cannot achieve all these goals alone. We will continue to invest in developing future technology while cooperating and coexisting with partner companies from in and out of the country.”

Of course, one cannot look at the Omnipod without recalling Homer Simpson’s disasterous car of the future.

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