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LG To Release New Tone Free Buds Despite Past Problems With Music Dropping Out

LG Electronics is set to release new Tone Free buds into the market, despite the South Korean Company after having problems with past models resulting in music not playing properly.

Their latest offering is the T90S model that is now using pure graphene for drivers, which is a departure from their previous use of coated graphene.

Described as a lightweight and sustainable material often used in semiconductors the Company is this time pushing their relationship with Meridian having had relationships with various premium audio Companies in the past in an effort to spruik their audio products.

This time round they are pushing Meridian’s Spatial Processing (HSP) drivers.

In the past LG has had problems with their Tone Free buds with users complaining of the music stopping when using both earbuds.

LG suggests that the problem is caused when their Tone Free buds try to synchronise the left and right earbuds after stopping music for 1-2 seconds when searching for a stable connection.

The Company suggested that depending on the performance of their Tone free buds, the presence of wireless signals could vary the period of time the music stops playing.

They also suggest that with prior models the Bluetooth was unstable in some areas due to radio interference, such as, underground stations which Sydney is about to get a lot of and is where a lot of people use Wi-Fi at the same time and during rush hours when the network signal is weak.

Their latest buds apparently support Dolby Head Tracking that is described as a technology that tracks head movement, but not when buds fall out.

According to retailers the growth is in bone conduction and over ear buds that tend not to fall out similar to the likes of Apple buds.

The new LG buds support Bluetooth codecs AAC and SBC for connection with Android and Apple and Android devices and is compatible with the aptX Adaptive codec which the Company claims delivers a superior listening experience than previous LG buds.

LG has also integrated a built-in three-microphone system and Voice Pickup Unit (VPU) to monitor background noise.

LG’s newest Tone Free wireless earbuds T90S will be rolled out in May, with no announcement on pricing or availability in Australia.

Currently LG Tone Free headphones are selling for $99 at JB Hi Fi.

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