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LG Takes It Right Up To Samsung As Brutal TV Battle Emerges At CES

LG has taken it right up to Samsung in the TV market, claiming that their new Super UHD TV’s with Nano Cell Technology is what Samsung with their new QLED technology is “really competing against”.

Senior LG executives claim that Samsung and their QLED TV Technology is “not in the same league” as LG’s new OLED technology, which in 2017, will come with built in HDR and Dolby Atmos audio technology. Their NEW OLED screen is only 2.57mm thick can be attached to a wall with magnets.

Angus Jones General Manager of LG Australia Marketing when asked outright whether he believed that the new range of LG Nano Cell Technology TV’s are what consumers should be looking at when comparing Nano Technology Vs QLED Technology said “Yes”.

“When you look at what we will deliver this year OLED is the premium TV technology and Samsung don’t have OLED”LG PC

At today’s LG Press Conference the Korean Company showed off its new Super UHD range of 4K TVs. The new TVs feature Nano Cell technology, which the company claims will render the most realistic images possible, give accurate colours while also enabling wider viewing angles.

The third-generation of UHD LCD TVs – the SJ9500, SJ8500, SJ8000 – also support HDR10, Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log Gamma and are ready to support a new HDR technology called Advanced HDR, which has been developed by Technicolor.

LG explains,” Nano Cell achieves such impressive results by absorbing surplus light wavelengths, enhancing the purity of the colours displayed on the screen. These light absorbing capabilities allow LG’s new LCD displays to filter distinct colours with much greater precision, rendering each colour exactly as it was intended by the original content producer.”DSC_6866
The Korean company, known for making an array of products, including televisions, phones and washing machines, kicked off its CES 2017 press conference with a discussion of its DeepThinQ artificial intelligence platform, going over concept products and demonstrating some of the practical benefits.

A lot of this technology will not be available in Australia. Last year LG launched their Premium Appliance range at CES it was never launched in Australia.

This year LG company is going hard on their robotics technology.

LG’s robot vacuum cleaner, for instance, can recognize the difference between a table leg and a human one. Its washing machine can recognize if there’s an excess of dirt and add a second rinse cycle. LG brought up an Amazon executive to talk about the integration of Alexa — the company’s voice assistant — into its smart refrigerator.
Another product that is doubtful for Australia is the LG Smart InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator: A fridge that features a full 29-inch HD touchscreen display. Knock on it, and the screen goes transparent, allowing you to see what’s inside. It’s smart enough to run on its WebOS software, and comes loaded with Alexa through a partnership with Amazon.lg oled2 IMG_3090_575px

One product that could make it is the Robo Mower that cuts lawns.

Then there is Airbot -an airport guide robot, which will appear in the Incheon airport in South Korea later this year.

LG also revealed An OLED television that’s nearly as thin as wallpaper (2.57 mm thick).

The design is called “picture on wall.” LG says it creates a sense of immersion, as if it’s one with the wall. The television attaches to the wall via a magnetic bracket.

The OLED family: LG also unveiled a family of OLED televisions, including a relatively low-end version called the B7 that’s supposed to boast the same picture quality as the top model.

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