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COMMENT: Why TravelSIM Is A High Risk Investment

I have just arrived at CES 2017 only to discover that the TravelSIM service I invested in for this show was a total waste of time and money.

After buying two of their SIM Card in Australia for two separate mobile phones I discovered that nine times out of ten calls that I tried to make failed to work in the USA.

“The subscriber you have dialled is not in service” was the message that I got when trying to dial the smartphone that the second SIM was in. On one occasion I tried for three hours to dial my wife’s phone which had the second TravelSIM card.travelsim_4ec09efc12af2

Occasionally the service worked which indicates that the TravelSIM is not getting priority on US networks.

On one occasion, I placed the two side by side and dialled each device, they worked. But get out into a crowded shopping centre or Hotel foyer and they failed.

Another problem was that when one got a ring tone on the second SIM or other local numbers the call dropped out after a few seconds.

Then there was the issue of Data.

After setting the two smartphones up in Australia I suddenly got a message that Data was not available because Data had not been set up in Australia.

This is sheer garbage as both top end smartphones that the TravelSIM cards went into were set up to access a data network.

The other big mistake I made is that I loaded my TravelSIM card with over $150 worth of credit.
It will be interesting to see what the Australian Competition + Consumer commission have to say as these SIM’s are like selling a car with an engine that won’t let you drive up a hill.

Maybe they should put out a disclaimer “We cannot guarantee that our SIM’s will work” in major markets.