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LG Set To Begin Mass Producing OLED Panels In China

After being delayed by the COVID-19 outbreak, LG Display has confirmed it will begin to mass produce OLED panels at its factory in Guangzhou, China soon.

Currently, LG Display is only producing OLED panels at the factory on a small scale. LG Display has mainly been manufacturing OLED panels at the factory in Paju, north of Seoul, according to the Korea Herald.

While the construction of the facility was completed in August 2019, production operations have been delayed by the COVID-19 crisis.

Once mass production begins, the Guangzhou factory will have the capacity to produce 60,000 OLED panels per month, and LG has plans to expand this output to 90,000 per month by 2022.

Last month LG announced that the company was moving to increase their TV output by 50%, by moving production facilities to low-cost Indonesia. The move will allow LG to produce cheaper panels to compete with Samsung, Hisense and TCL.

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