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LG ‘Peek Inside’ French Door Fridges Land In Oz

Set to further intensify competition in the top-end appliance market, LG has released its new ‘InstaView’ French Door-in-Door refrigerators in Australia.

LG’s new smart fridges connect to its ‘SmartThinQ’ hub, which offers remote control via a person’s smartphone. The new fridges further compete with the likes of Samsung’s Family Hub range.

The new LG ‘InstaView’ Door-in-Door fridges are now available at “all major [Australian] retailers”, and priced around A$4,000 and above.

With ‘InstaView’, the smart fridges enable users to ‘knock’ twice on the glass pane and view internal contents – i.e. perusal without letting out precious cool air.

LG claims ‘InstaView’ increases food freshness, minimising internal temperature fluctuations.

Watch the function in action below:

Brad Reed, LG Marketing Manager for Home Appliances, affirms the new fridges add further “convenience” to Australian kitichens, and impart “striking beauty”.

In addition to SmartThinQ and Instaview, the new smart fridges feature ‘Pure N Fresh Air Filtration’, to minimise odours via a fan assisted carbon deodoriser and ducting system.

A retractable shelf caters to tall items, whilst a built-in icemaker produces ice on demand.

Full product specifications are available on LG’s website here.







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