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LG HomeView Vacuum Cleans And Monitors Homes

LG Australia has added to its CordZero vacuum line-up, launching three new models, including the Roboking Turbo+HomeView, which can be controlled remotely and sports a front-facing camera, allowing users to monitor their home.

The new line-up also includes a Wi-Fi version, the Roboking Turbo+WiFi, and a new standard model, the Roboking Turbo.

lg1LG states the HomeView’s HomeView function provides real-time monitoring via a camera positioned at the front of the vacuum, with users able to check on its progress remotely and alter its path using the Smart ThinQ app.

The HomeGuard function, meanwhile, provides for the HomeView to monitor a preselected area of the user’s home, sending images to their smartphone when movement is detected.

Manual control allows users to employ their smartphone to direct the HomeView around their home.

The HomeView sports an additional two cameras, with an upper camera creating a map of the house, planning the most efficient way to vacuum, decked out with new technology automatically calculating the intensity of light while vacuuming, helping to prevent it wandering off track in low light levels.

A lower camera reads the pattern of the floor via an optical sensor, measuring distance and changes to the floor pattern or surface.

All the models are decked out with RoboNavi tech, providing “smart mapping for optimal cleaning coverage”.

lg2The range can be set to vacuum on a recurring schedule via the Scheduled Cleaning function, while the Cleaning Diary function on the WiFi and HomeView allows users to trace exactly where the vacuum has already covered via a smartphone playback feature.

Four automatic cleaning modes are available across the range, Cell by Cell, ZigZag, Spiral and My Space, providing for different styles of cleaning across different areas.

lg3The HomeView will be available exclusively at Harvey Norman, and the WiFi and Turbo models will be available through other retailers.

The Turbo (metallic red finish) is priced at $1,399, the WiFi (metallic gold finish) $1,599 and the HomeView (metallic silver finish) $1,799.

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