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New LG Notebook Gram Pricing & Availability

LG has launched its 2021 line-up of Gram laptops in Australia, with the ultra-light notebooks releasing in three sizes – 14, 16 and 17-inch models.

The premium notebooks are the first Gram release in Oz, after the first-generation models were launched globally in the US and parts of Asia.

LG’s 14-inch gram comes in silver and white and ships with an i5 processor, weighs just under 1kg and has a 72Wh high-density battery for long periods of use between charges.

The 512GB 14-inch Gram (in white) is priced at $1999 and will be available on Amazon from April 1st and LG.com from March 15th, while the 256GB model (in silver) is priced at $1799 at JB Hi-Fi from April 1st and LG.com from March 15th.

ChannelNews was able to see the Gram notebooks in the flesh during LG’s launch event.

The 14-inch is similar to Apple’s Mac notebooks with its thin, lightweight design – the biggest difference being its sharper, right-angle edges as opposed to the Mac’s softer lines.

Meanwhile, the slightly-larger 16-inch Gram notebook ships in black with an i7 processor and white with an i5 processor.

The black 512GB 16-inch model will have an RRP of $2799, the white 512GB model is priced at $2599, while the black 512GB model will cost $2399.

LG’s 16-inch model is also super lightweight, weighing in at just 1199g despite an ultra-wide screen at 2560×1600.

The black 16-inch models are available in JB Hi-Fi from April 1st and LG.com from March 15th, while the white model will be online at Amazon and LG.

LG’s 17-inch Gram only comes in black, weighing 1350g and priced at $2999 for the 512GB model.

The biggest notebook still weighs just a tiny 1350g despite its wide 380.2×260.1×17.8mm size.

Thunderbolt™ 4 will allow users to enjoy dual 4K and single 8K display connection to only one Thunderbolt port with stability, scalability and security.

Plus, all models boost productivity, offering 100W PC charging, next-generation interface support, and USB4 compatibility.

The Gram’s keyboard and touchpad are also enlarged for easier typing without compromising on the portability of these compact products.

The elevated key stroke at 1.65mm helps relieve fatigue in hands, and the wide touch pad matches the 16:10 display ratio creating uniformity in design and comfortable control even without a separate mouse.

“It’s been several years since LG Electronics was in the laptop market in Australia, but we’re back and excited to introduce Australians to the LG gram range this month. It’s truly a versatile solution,” said Bernadette Jolly, Business Solutions Marketing Manager at LG.

“The LG gram range delivers both work and personal functionality. These products are built to enhance productivity, provide immersive viewing and creation and keep up with on-the-go experiences – such as camping and offsite meetings.”

“In fact, we know over the next year, two in five (44%) Australian consumers are planning to upgrade their laptop, with half of respondents stating faster storage / speed and better battery life as common reasons for upgrading. We’re looking forward to offering a product range with the LG gram that addresses what consumers want,” she added.

LG is releasing the Gram line-up in Australia after a long year of pandemic-driven remote work.

The South Korean company said three-quarters (72%) of Australians working for a company or employer highly valued the flexibility to work from anywhere.

In fact, 62 per cent of those working for a company note that either their employer has already considered this, or they want their employer to consider permanently allowing them to work from anywhere beyond the office or from home (a further 21 per cent acknowledge their workplaces were already committed to this).

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