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Amazon Antitrust Case Stalls After Two Years

Regulators in the EU are struggling to build an antitrust case against Amazon despite working on the probe for nearly two years.

The online retail giant was accused in July 2019 of manipulating its algorithm in order to “artificially” promote its own products over rival companies.

But regulators in Brussels, Belgium have failed to gather enough evidence to officially bring antitrust charges against the Jeff Bezos-owned company.

According to The Financial Times, EU officials are struggling to understand how Amazon’s complicated algorithm works despite asking the company a series of detailed questions.

“Cases involving algorithms are complex,” said a Belgian legal expert told the publication.

“But the EU doesn’t have to dictate how a computer code works. It is for the company that uses the algorithm to deliver a fair result.”

Amazon’s antitrust case is proceeding much more slowly than similar investigations against Apple and Google in both the US and Europe.

The EU is gearing up to bring charges against Apple for its alleged abuse of its market position in the music streaming business after a two-year long investigation.

The European commission said its investigation is ‘ongoing’.

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