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LG G6 Gets Danish Approval Ahead Of MWC Debut

Though still not officially revealed, LG’s G6 smartphone is already attracting international acclaim.

Danish Industrial designer Torsten Valeur, CEO of Danish design studio David Lewis Designers, has praised the design of the handset, calling it “the ideal fusion of… beautiful shape and clever solution and obviously great user experience.”

According to him, it is “the essence of what a smartphone is.”

“And I believe that when you take it out and hold it in your hand, turn it around, look at it, play with it, you should be pleased by all the care and diligence that has been put into all the details,” he said.

LG says that Valeur also praised the G6’s easy one-handed operability and sense of solidity.

As put by LG, “The G6 exhibits minimalistic design elements and is perfectly smooth to the touch. The metal frame that wraps around the perimeter of the phone imparts solidity in style with a soft matte finish. The back is perfectly flat, with no camera bump to avoid or protect.”

In his initial impression of the G6, Valeur said the key to great industrial design is not just beautiful looks but full consideration of its users, adding that the eye is naturally drawn to the phone’s FullVision display due to the elimination of unnecessary distractions.

The LG G6 is slated for an official unveiling this coming week at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The new smartphone is expected to feature a bigger FullVision display with a 18:9 aspect ratio and an on-board voice assistant AI in the style of Siri or Cortana.

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