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LG Electronics Woke Marketing Fails To Address Shocking Service Record As Consumers Give Brand Two Finger Salute

As retailers struggle to sell LG Electronics products, the Company has chosen to invest in woke marketing by spruiking consumers to amplify its brand promise of ‘Life’s Good’, by encouraging customers in Australia to create and share moments of everyday optimism as opposed to driving them into stores to buy an LG product.

The business that is run by South Korean management in Australia reported a 21% fall in revenue last year with their first quarter 2024 revenues also down according to insiders.

In launched a global social media marketing campaign based on ‘Optimism’ that the global CE Company  wants consumers to amplify to boost up their questionable brand promise of ‘Life’s Good’,’ the only problem is that instead of a finger salute that LG is asking for, consumers around the world including Australia are giving them a two-finger salute for dodgy service and problems with LG products.

This is a Company that is facing a massive backlash over their attitude to service if their rating of Trust Pilot in Australia, the UK and the USA is anything to go by.

It appears that someone in their South Korean marketing department got the idea to plug into the use of the word optimism” in an effort to encourage participants to foster a more positive environment on their social media feeds to the Company.

They claim that they want the “finger” or “heart” gesture – a popular symbol among K-pop idols created by forming a mini heart with the index finger and thumb – using the hashtags #Lifesgood and #Optimismyourfeed to be used by their customers.

Click image to see for yourself the reviews left by upset LG customers.

It does appear that customers have instead taken to giving LG Electronics a two finger salute, with a visit to the Trust Pilot Review site, revealing shocking ratings for the Company both globally when it comes to the quality of their products, their service and their warranties with over 91% of consumers giving the business a one star rating in the USA out of five, in the UK they get a 1.2 rating with 91% of the rating unfavourable, In Australia they managed to get a 2.2 rating with 63% rating them as one star only.

Damien W from Victoria wrote in May 2024, claimed that LG Electronics Australia delivered ‘Zero customer service, and has zero regard for Consumer Law’.

“I’ve bought multiple LG TVs, sound bars, washing machine, fridge and microwave. I will never buy another LG product ever again.

‘Zero regard for Australian Consumer Law, zero customer service from people who don’t listen to you and just read off a script. They do not care about the customer at all and have incompetent staff. Absolutely horrible experience”.

Norm O’Brien claims that ‘LG Australia has no customer service’.

He wrote that he bought a new LG Clothes Dryer recently, plugged it in and turned it on, nothing happened. Checked and repeated about 25 times.
“Dead as a doornail. Called retailer and LG. No support or assistance from either of them. Absolutely no customer service. They have my money and I have a lemon”.

Re LG TV’s, Mark from NSW wrote, after his LG Smart UHD TV died after 4 years.
“I expected more than 4 years of service from a new TV. LG says this is a reasonable period of time. It’s now an expensive paperweight.

“If you expect your Smart UHD TV to last longer than 4 years, then I’d be avoiding LG. I wonder how the 5-year extended warranty providers fare if its reasonable for an LG TV to only last 4 years. My TV proved to be a bad product in terms of longevity and durability and LGs after sales service is sadly lacking”.

LG Electronics Australia marketing manager Gemma Lemieux has not commented on their new campaign which appears to have nothing to do with selling more products or creating traffic for retailers in Australia.

Before the campaign roll out she said “For us, Life’s Good is more than a slogan, it’s a brand promise that has guided everything we have done since we introduced it 24 years ago,” said Gemma Lemieux, Marketing Director at LG Electronics Australia.

She did however claim recently “Optimism is about finding the light when things are at their darkest and the idea of carrying this through troubling times is important to us as a brand.”

Kim Hyo-eun, vice president and head of LG’s Brand Management Division. claimed “LG is committed to delivering on its promise of Life’s Good claims” he said despite their shocking track record that reveals that Life is not good for thousands of their customers.

It’s not just LG Electronics Australia where the South Korean Company is being given a two-finger salute, the Trust Pilot US ranking for the Company is worse than their Australian ranking with 91% of consumers giving them a one star rating out of five because of their poor service and warranty issues.

Recent recall of LG batteries in Australia. ACCC had to take action to get LG to spend money doing a recall.

Early this month El Antipulpos, wrote about his experience with LG Electronics in the USA  describing them  as “The worse electronic company in USA”.

Apparently, his OLED TV arrived with dead pixels and after 15 calls to LG support he decided to return the TV,

Another customer claimed that LG delivers the “worst service”.

“When you call their service center, they provide another number to contact. And that number …never picks up”.

LG customer Sue Green wrote last month “I purchased a LG washing machine ten months via AO online which was delivered and fitted by the company.

It has suddenly stopped working, the trouble shooting page says to contact the company as it’s still under warranty. I contacted the number given and spoke to a call handler who was extremely unhelpful and kept repeating herself advising me to open the door on machine which I had advised would not open due to broken machine. I have explained several times I could not carry out her request”.

She added “40 minutes later still no further and unable to resolve this issue. I thought LG was a good company, but I will avoid in the further because customer service is awful, still unresolved”.

This is the same Company that last year reengineered their WebOS software for their smart TV’s allowing them to become mirrors so that the Company could capture personal data on consumers and then sell it to third parties.

The LG Electronics webOS platform and the capture of consumer data spanning what owners of an LG TV are viewing, and online access is generating billions for the Company who appear to have a major customer service problems across multiple geographies.

The business claimed that webOS delivers a new source of revenue, that last year delivered a significant increase in operating profit compared to the previous year.

The revenue from selling confidential data which 74% of Australia claim is a problem and intrusive according to ACCC information, is contributing to LG Electronics profits, despite TV revenue falling over 10%.

But despite the slump in demand for LG TV’s the business claims the Company is accelerating its transformation into a media and entertainment powerhouse.

“In the current year, the webOS platform business is slated for nurturing as a significant revenue-generating venture in the scale of trillions” the Company wrote in a recent press release.

One Trillion Korean Won equals $1,081,000,000.00 Australian dollars.

As for their latest marketing campaign it appears that ‘Optimism’ is not what is resonating with thousands of their customers who in several locations include the UK are giving LG one-star ratings for their products and service.

As for Kim Hyo-eun, vice president and head of LG’s Brand Management Division he appears to be right into optimism “We believe there is really power in approaching life with an optimistic attitude”.

He then claims that their latest campaign is all about “Embracing the opportunity to inspire more positive activities in the virtual and real world.”.

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